Être Conduit Par Le Saint-Esprit

Date: 56-0219 | La durée est de: 1 heure et 28 minutes | La traduction: Shp
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E-1 To be in this--this evening to serve the Lord... Sorry that people are standing, so we'll try to make the service just as short as possible. And now, knowing that you've heard the services today everywhere, and you've had two or three services in the church... I watched your telecast today, and I thought it was real, real good. And I'm sure you feel all fed-up now, and so we just talk just a few moments and go right straight into the healing service, and--'cause we want the Lord to bless us tonight in the way of this healing service, if--if He will find in His great wise providence to do so.
I would just like to make this remark, that today while reading the article on Billy Graham was just give me in "Look" magazine. And if you haven't look--seen that, that's really an outstanding... I certainly appreciate Billy Graham. The Lord is using our brother, and he's doing a wonderful work. I...

E-2 This is his home town and some of his people may be here (I don't know) from his office or something. If they are, I don't say it because that I'm here in his home town or where his office is, but I'd say it anywhere. And anyone knows that God is using our brother. And so we're very happy that God is doing this. And we should support him with all that we have and with our prayers. May the Lord bless him. And I thought that he certainly gave a real answer to that guy, just the way it should be. And he's smart man. And the Lord bless him.
Brother Moore just called me awhile ago and told me that Anna Jean, and Don, and them was with him last week over in Korea or in China, somewhere there where they're at. And they certainly enjoyed the fellowship of being with Brother Graham.

E-3 Now--now, our next service begins at South--Sioux Falls, South Dakota this next week. And we're to be there beginning on Wednesday night and going through Sunday. And then we're going from there. I think I'm to be at a breakfast somewhere up in--in Virginia in the next few days. And then from there, oh, just on into Old Mexico, and back in here, and into Canada.
Now, they say that... Mr. Moore told me today that they'd managed now. I'm going into Switzerland, and to Germany, and on down into Australia, from there on over into South Africa, back up into Tanganyika, and over into India, back into China, Japan, around, and come in the other side. They--they made the itinerary. So, you see, it's just constantly one thing to another.

E-4 But I am hoping, and trusting, and waiting till the day that I get my tent. I'm so alarmed about my tent. It's always been a problem to me... If you'll forgive me for a few moments to just to little talk before we read the text...
How many read the vision in the magazine? Have you... Did you read it? Well, that's fine. That's--that was something that I have prayed for for years. The one thing in my meeting has always been that I've never been able to do the things that I really want to do, and think ought to be done in my meetings, because of the--the absence of physical strength in the time of healing services.

E-5 Visions are something that--that tears you to pieces. It's not li... It's living in a different world. Could you just imagine being asleep and then wake up all at once and be half asleep and half awake, and then again and again and again and again, and imagine what it would do to you? Could you just think when the great Daniel saw one vision and was troubled at his head for many days (See?), just one vision. And it's...
One time led me several years ago almost to a total break for life, even to they rushed me to Mayo Brother's, and they said, "There's not absolutely a chance in the world for you to ever live (See?) and come out of it." But God's grace brought me out. I promised Him then I'd watch...
Now, in the--in the prayer lines I don't get to too many people. And I've had many critics on this. And they've wrote me letters and say, "Mr. Roberts and many, Mr. Allen and them will pray for five hundred people while you're praying for five." Well, I just have to do it the way the Lord told me to do it. And that's...

E-6 Or, my ministry is not a contact for each person, but it's (See?) just to represent the Lord Jesus in a--in a sign of a gift to everyone because... No matter where they're... It isn't my hands that would count. It isn't Mr. Roberts' hands that would count. It's your hands on Him that counts. That's what... That's the One 'cause after all, He's finished the work. The only thing that we can do is preach it by the Word or some gift to represent its finished work.
And I appreciate Brother Gordon Peterson, the pastor of this church. I think you got one of the nicest churches here that I've ever come into. And I don't say that because I'm on your platform.
And my son, young Doctor Branham... [Brother Branham and congregation laugh--Ed.] I hope he didn't hear that. He will never get up no more. He came over, gave his testimony this morning; he said, "Daddy, they got one of the finest young people classes and things you ever seen." And I was so happy for that. And I... The Lord has been dealing greatly with Billy right in this meeting. And I believe someday he will walk along all right and follow right along. Well, I hoping so anyhow. He might be listening, so I better cut off right here. So that's...

E-7 The vision, and it's... I'm watching the clock to get--get my time started on time if I can at eight-thirty. But here's the vision. I had promised people... Can you hear me all right? I'd... How about me setting this just a little closer. Is that--is that better? Thank you.
And the vision was this. Years ago a vision started... The first one I can remember, I was still in a little long dress. I don't know whether you know what that means or not, a little boy, had a dress on. And we raised in the mountains of Kentucky, and I... Little boys and girls both wear little dresses until they're great big children. And I remember that dress that I had on. It was a...

E-8 And I remember a preacher shooting at some birds and seventh shot hit me in the leg. I sure remember that. And that I was... Mother said then that I was... Well, I was... We come to Indiana when I was three years old. So you can imagine. That was about a year later, so I couldn't have been over two years old at the time when it first happened.
But when I was first born, this Light that you see on the picture here was standing over the bed, five o'clock one morning on April the sixth. That's my mother and father's, and the ones' that was around testimony in a little cabin up in Kentucky. They didn't know what it meant, and none of the rest of us did. And I didn't know till just about ten years ago. All my life, it was visions.

E-9 And then after He told me and sent me into the work, I knew that there would be things that we'd have to watch. And one of them is money, the other one's popularity, and women. There's three things that man falls with, and ministers especially.
Now, notice in the Bible, seers. We find out that Balaam fell because of money. Samson fell because of women, and Saul fell because of popularity. So I had to notice those things. I knowed popularity, and--and women I shunned, but...?... He... I don't... Sisters, I don't mean a brotherhood, fellowship, but I mean in the--in the way when I was a kid, I... A voice spoke to me. You've read my life story, all of you, haven't you? When He told me, "Never smoke, drink, or defile my body," well I, that I kept reverent.

E-10 And I didn't... wasn't much afraid of that, because... But the test of money, that was the thing that bothered me. And I was raised so poor, my, I thought money will just be... So I said, "Lord, going out in the meetings, I'll certainly keep money in the background. And if You'll help me, and if I'll never let anybody beg for money in my meeting. And then if there's ever a time that You ever fail me, just by taking up the offering, and You fail me, I'm coming off the field." Well, for nine years He kept me going.
And then recently in California on a meeting, I lost five thousand dollars in one meeting. The next meeting I lost ten thousand dollars; I'm still owing it. So then, the... That the meetings didn't pay out... Now, that... I come... I went home that night. I went to--went to the cabin where I was staying, about two o'clock in the morning when we finished up. I told the wife, "I want to go out and pray a little." So I went out and prayed. I come back in, almost towards daylight. We were leaving for home, face red, tear-streaked. She said, "Billy, what's the matter with you?"
"Oh," I said, "I was just out talking to the Lord." And I couldn't have the nerve to tell her I'd quit the meetings. And I told the Lord, I said, "This is my promise."

E-11 On the road home I said, "When I get over and out of California, I'll tell them when I get in Arizona," Billy and--and my wife. And he's... And then I said, "I'll do it when I get over in Texas." And then when I get to... Well, I told them when I come in home in Indiana. And--and my wife couldn't understand it. She said, "Bill, I'm afraid you're doing wrong."
And Billy Paul said, "Now look, daddy, that's what you promised God. God never told you to do that."
I said, "Yes, but a man of honor will keep his promise." And that's one thing true.
Said, "Well, you... I don't believe you... You just couldn't do it, daddy." Said, "Don't the Bible say, Paul or somebody said, 'Woe to me if I preach not the Gospel'?"

E-12 I said, "I'll preach the Gospel. So I'll rent the old theater down there, and get a broadcast, and have the people come in here to Jeffersonville and pray for them, whatever." I said, "But on the field, no, where you have to have a lot of money through this time." And so I said, "I'll pay this off, and I'm going back to work and get me a job. I promised God I'd do it and I--I'm going to do it." And then that was in my heart.
And then went to bed that night, and the next morning got up. I just got off on the side of the bed which we never got in till rather late. My wife said, "We got to get the little girl off to school, Billy." And I said...
And so I got up on one side and she was getting out on the other side. We always go and--and kneel and pray by an old chair there every morning when we get up. It's been a custom all my life of doing that since I've been a Christian, and it was she also. And so then when she was just setting on one side of the bed, one side. And I was rubbing my eyes like that.

E-13 And I looked coming down out of the wall, and here come two little dark looking children half naked, pulling a little wagon with wooden wheels. And I said, "Now, Meda, that's what I'm trying to tell you." And I could hear her, yet I was done too far into the vision; I couldn't--couldn't understand why that she didn't an... She come around. And now, when them visions strike like that, well then, you're just in a coma like. See? And so then, she went on out of the room.
And I started walking up, and I met Mr. Arganbright, and he told me that the meeting was already in session. I should go in. So when I went to the meeting, oh, my, I never seen so many people. [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]... of people. And they looked like kind of dark people and smooth though. And I thought, "Where are they at?" And then there was someone else speaking in my place and in the vision. And I said, "Who's speaking?"
And he said, someone, minister's standing there, said, "Oh, they put him up."
I said, "Who's they?"

E-14 And just then he said, "You're all dismissed." And oh, about maybe twenty, thirty thousand people started leaving. And I said, "Why, they never made no altar call." And I said, "That's not right."
And another minister, kind of blond-headed, raised his hand up and had some sack in his hand, said, "But we got the offering."
I said, "When did it come to a place that the offering was more essential than the altar call?" And so then just then, well, I said, "There won't be--there won't be twelve people out."
They said, "You're to speak this afternoon."
I said, "What time?"
Said, "Just anytime."
"Why," I said, "there won't be twelve people out." And I said...
He said, "Well, wasn't Christ left with twelve when He told them the truth?"

E-15 And just then I was taken off into a--another place. I set down by the side of a--of a--of a little place, and I seen a little baby shoe, little moccasin. And I had a great big string almost the size of that post there, trying to lace through that little eye of that moccasin, trying to lace up the shoe. I hope this don't hurt anyone. I never put it in the magazine. How many people here are saved, let's see your hands, really borned again with the Holy Ghost? Yes, all right. Then I'm sure you'll understand me. I never put--placed it out in the magazine like that.
But I was trying to thread this little shoe up with this string and, oh, the little eyelet was about an eighth of an inch and this shoe, the string I had was about a half inch. And I was breaking the threads, and it was trying to push it through just with all my heart. And a Voice spoke from behind me. And It said, "What are you doing?"
And I said, "Lacing this shoe."

E-16 He said, "You're using the wrong end of the string." And I looked down on the floor and there laid the, truly, there laid the--the string, oh, went out to a nice eighth of an inch and taped down real nice. And He said, "You can't teach Pentecostal babies supernatural things." Said, "You'll cause carnal impersonations." Now, that's true. I can only say what the vision said. See? "Can't teach Pentecostal babies supernatural things. You cause carnal impersonations." And so, and I--I stood there.
And just then, seemed like I went off into another dimension. And when it was... Now, remember, watch these things. They'll come to pass word by word. It's--it's perfect. And I was standing by a lake, looked like. And He taken me and set me down there by this lake. There was lots of ministers around a fishing. And I looked and there were great big fish. And some of them was just catching little bitty fish. And just then I said, "Oh, my." I said, "I'm a fisherman. I'll--I'll catch the fish."

E-17 So I picked up the pole that was laying on the ground. And just then, this One said to me, said, "I'll teach you to fish," the One that had been talking behind me to my right side.
And I said, "All right."
He said, "Fasten on the lure, but throw way out in the deep." And I went way out in the deep. He said, "Now, when you do, let your bait settle down. Pull slow first." He said, "The small fish will follow the lure." Now, that's really fishing technique all right. He said, "Pull slow." And said, "The small fish will follow. When you get a strike," said, "just jerk it a little bit, not hard." But said, "Don't tell nobody how you're doing it." Said, "Keep it still. Don't tell nobody what you're doing." Said, "Pull it slow. And then," said, "when you feel your strike, just pull your bait far enough to scatter the little fish. It'll make the big fish run for it, and then when you get a strike, then set your hook for the catch."

E-18 I said, "I understand." And I threw it way out. And just as I did, all these ministers and people run around, said, "Praise the Lord. Brother Branham will really catch fish." They was just going on like that. And I felt real big about it, because they were telling me I was a fisherman. And so when...
I said, "Now, I'll tell you how it's done. Here's the way you do it." And I said, "The first, you're supposed to pull slow. And then when the little fish goes to following," I said, "you set it like this." And when I did, I jerked bait, hook, and everything out of the water. And I looked. I caught a fish, but I was wondering how he ever got the lure in his mouth, 'cause it looked like just the skin of the fish stretched around the lure. It was such a little fish. And just then I said, "Oh, my, look."

E-19 And just then this One had been talking behind me stepped around in front of me. It was the same Angel of God that's always spoke to me. He said, "You've done just what I told you not to do, standing on the platform, and trying to explain it, and telling the people, and I told you to keep it to yourself." And said, "Look what you've done. Look at the carnal impersonations you got rose." See? And I hear people say that.
And I hear people say, "Brother Branham, oh, the Lord's give me a ministry." You got probably greater that... Yeah. But just like that no, never will be as long as I'm on earth. He told me that in the beginning, never will be (See?) as long as I live. Now, He told me that. And I hear people say that, and I know it's wrong, but I just don't want to criticize, tell them that. But then when they...

E-20 He said, "You cause impersonations." And then I started weeping. And I took the string and was trying to straighten it out. And just then He looked at me. And I wondered what He was going to do. And He said, "Keep your line straight in these kind of times."
I said, "Yes." So I got the line ready to throw again, and just as I did at that time, He taken me away again, and He stood me up in the air over a great auditorium up or--or big tent. Oh, I never seen such a tent, spread way out. And in that there was a, look like I'd made an altar call and hundreds of people, real softly and sweetly were weeping, setting by the altar, receiving the Lord Jesus. And I said, "That looks better."

E-21 And then He said... There was a nice, smooth spoking gentleman stepped out and said, "Now, while Brother Branham's a resting a little bit, we'll line the prayer line up." Said, "You all with prayer cards beginning at a certain place line up to my right." And so, I looked over, that would be to my left from where I was standing. And there was a little building setting in there, little--little building that's built like that.
And all the people were, oh, just looked like went around the tent, and out a city block or more, a great line of people. And they were all standing around there with their prayer card. And just then I seen a woman in an ambulance stretcher was laying, and a man behind her was standing on crutches. So they were standing there waiting for their turn. There was a lady taking down their names and things. And then there was a canvas stretched here that no one could get around that tent.

E-22 And just then... Now, I want you to watch this and listen how it is now. So you watch the difference. Then I heard something whipping around. Whrrr, whrr, whrr, like that always goes every time we have a healing service. That's just what happens. That's the way it has always sounded. Sounded that way in the bush that time when I heard it. It's always been that way. And I felt it. I heard it, rather, going, moving. And I looked, and here went that real soft Light moving away from me and went down and went into that little building.
And then there's something different between the Light and the Angel, 'cause He was still here with me, and the Light had went into the building. And this Angel still speaking behind me, which is a big Man, and He said, "I will meet you in there."...
So then I said, "I don't understand why in there."

E-23 He said, "Watch." And this woman when she come out of there on the ambulance stretcher, she was pushing the stretcher out the other side.
And she said... The lady asked her with the--the... Said, "What--what happened?"
She said, "I don't know. It just happened." She said, "I've been in this stretcher." Said, "I've been down in bed for years." And here come the man out packing his crutches. And they asked him what, said he didn't know. And he was coming to the platform to testify.
And I said, "I don't understand that in there."

E-24 And watch, He's always Scriptural. He said, "Did not our Lord say, 'When thou prayest be not like the hypocrites that like to make a show.' Said, 'Enter into the secret closet, and when you've done so, close the door. Then pray to your Father what seeth in secret and He that seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.'"
And He said, "You remember that name that you were hunting that time that you dreamed about?"
And I said, "Yes."
He said, "I'll meet you in there and this time it won't be a public show." And the vision left me.

E-25 Now, we got the tent in making. And then in there I'll be able to carry a prayer line right on through. Now, you remember, I speak this before it comes to pass. The exceedingly abundantly is fixing to take place. I can't wait till I get into that place. I just... My heart's a yearning and burning.
And these things here that you see now will be amateur to what our Lord is fixing to do. You just remember that with all your heart. And live for Him now and be reverent. And just be yourself. Just--just be Mrs. Doe or Mr. Doe and--and love the Lord and just move on with a true heart before Him, and love Him. He will take care of the rest of it. You see?

E-26 But then it'll be no end to the prayer line for it'll go hours after hours. And watch what our Lord is fixing to do. Now, the thing that happens in there when He told it... Now, remember, the Bible is laying open. I did it first, my hand over my heart. A human being in this world will never know it. I made a show out of the other, but God being my Helper...
The reason I waited till this night... It's the first time I've told it in public. I waited till this night to tell it. God being my helper, they'll never be a human being know this till death sets me free to go home to be with God. I'll never make a show or a--a public thing of this. It's too sacred for to be given out the way I did the other time.

E-27 And I ask the people, and trying to explain something that I didn't know nothing about myself, you forgive me. You're not supposed to explain God. You just believe God. There's no way to explain Him at all.
So the Lord bless you now while we go right straight to the service for about... I'm going to try to start the prayer line in the next fifteen minutes, God willing.
But my words are the words of a man. And you can imagine with something in my heart that's just a burning and a yearning, you can wonder why that I--I'm--try to hold back prayer lines. And I wasn't even intending to have one prayer line here in Minneapolis, not a one, or nowhere. Over yonder I'm not having any prayer lines. See? Because here's what it is. I come to visit. I come to have fellowship with you. I--I like to go out and see you, got lots of friends.

E-28 But when I get in under this anointing of the Spirit, I stay there and pray till I get to the platform. And in service, when we leave... If you had to put up with me like the manager and Billy Paul and them does, you don't even know where you're at sometimes. You become beside yourself. You don't know you... Why? It's visions, and everybody you start to talk to, there's a vision again. And you just have to wait till you get out of it.
Now, most all seers and poets are considered neurotics. How many knows that to be true? Look at--look at Elijah after he called fire down out of heaven and his vision come true. Forty days and nights he wandered out in the wilderness. How many knows that? Sure, the Bible said he did. And God found him laying back in a cave. Was that right?
Look at Jonah, the prophet, after he give his prophecy, fulfilled his vision. He went up on the hill and prayed for God to take his life.

E-29 Look at William Cowper, the great song writer that wrote "There is a Fountain Filled with Blood Drawn from Emmanuel's Veins." Why, when he--when he got through writing the inspiration out of that song, he tried to find the river to commit suicide.
Look at Stephen Foster, gave the world its best folk songs, "Old Folks At Home," "Suwannee River," "Old Black Joe," and them. Well, when he--when he wrote "My Old Kentucky Home" and many of those songs, when he come out from under the influence of that inspiration, he would get on a drunk. And then when he... One time he come out, called a servant and took a razor and committed suicide. See?

E-30 You don't understand. There's no need in trying to explain it. You just believe it. I ain't trying to explain it no more. You... People's going to believe or... Well, that's all I'm going to do about it. That's up to God to do the rest of it. I can't take His job.
So have faith and believe. And if you're ordained to Eternal Life, Jesus said, "No man can come to Me anyhow except My Father draws him." That's right. And if you're ordained to Eternal Life, to see and believe, you will. If you won't, it's just like pouring water on a duck's back. It'll do no good at all. No matter how much you try to explain it, those who God has chosen before the foundation of the world... And if you are chose in God, you were chosen not here, you were chosen before the world began. Do you know that?

E-31 And the beast deceived those all whose name was not written in the Lamb's Book of Life from when? The foundation of the world. Is that right? All the way back... And Jesus come to die for those that God had ordained to Eternal Life. And those who know and God has ordained will come to Him, the others will not. So when the last fish is caught out of the pond, the seining's over. So we're trying to seine now. Shall we pray just a moment.
Heavenly Father, feeling that this night is the time that I should have said that and told the vision, I ask forgiveness with all my heart of my trespasses of trying to explain. And I'm sorry that I did the way I did and causing these things to rise up which has done great hindrance and brought reproach on the Church of the carnal comparisons. So I'm... pray, Father, that You forgive me for all my trespasses, this being the first time that I have made it publicly known.

E-32 And I ask You now, dear Jesus, that You'll help us tonight and bless us exceedingly, abundantly tonight and pour out Thy blessings. And, God, hasten the day that when we can set up the tent, and get down into the real services of the Lord again, and see Your great mighty hand work among the people. Grant it, Heavenly Father. We thank You for everything that You've done.
And I pray, God, that You'll bless my brethren throughout the nation, throughout the world, everywhere. Anoint ministers afresh, Lord, and let them be right on the--the firing line in this last day, seeing that we just got a little while longer to work and then Jesus will come. O God, may we rise in the power of the Holy Ghost, and go forward, and do exploits in the last day as the Bible said the people that know their God would do. We ask in Jesus' Name. Amen.

E-33 In Luke the 2nd chapter the 25th verse...
And, behold, there was a man in Jerusalem, whose name was Simeon;... the same was just and devout, waiting for the consolation of the--of Israel: and the Holy Ghost was upon him.
And it was revealed unto him by the Holy Ghost, that he would not see death, before he'd seen the Lord's Christ.
And he came by the Spirit into the temple:... when the parent brought... the child,... to do for him after the custom of the law,
Then picked he him up in his arms, and blessed God, and said,
Now, Lord, let... thy servant depart in peace, according to thy word:
For my eyes have seen thy salvation.
The Lord add His blessings now to the reading of the Word.

E-34 And just for a few moments I want to speak on "Being Led of the Holy Spirit." You believe in it? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]
And you people that's standing, God bless you. I hope that someday (I say this from my heart) you that's loyal enough, and love me enough, and love the Lord Jesus first enough, and then respect the Word that I preach enough to come and stand in the church, maybe from out of town and drove today a long ways after service, and standing in the aisle, I trust to God that He will bless you and you'll make heaven--heaven will be your home. And we'll have all ages to rejoice together in.
And I pray while you're here on earth that God will anoint every one of you ministers, and you housewives, and whatever you may be, and give you a message to the dying world today that Jesus is soon coming. May He bless you. If God hears my prayer, may He hear it for that. I pray through Jesus Christ's Name.
May this church stand and be great, and a soul saving station, a lighthouse until Jesus Christ comes, is my prayer. God bless you. Thank you for inviting me, your humble friend, to this pulpit and to preach the Word, and you come to hear me.

E-35 Now "Being Led of the Spirit"... It was in Jerusalem at this time that the regular customs of the law, and they come in and they had to worship, they had the temple. And all the people always met at Jerusalem. Why was that, wonder? Did you ever think? Jerusalem was the place where the sacrifice was killed, and no people had fellowship outside of being under the shed blood of the sacrifice.
That's the only way today that we can have this wonderful fellowship is when we are dwelling beneath the shed Blood of the Sacrifice. Is that right?

E-36 Now, as Jerusalem had to meet at... I mean, the worshippers had to meet at Jerusalem. There's where the lamb's blood was applied. They had to come beneath the shed blood in order to have fellowship.
And that's the only way that we can have fellowship. We'll different, split hair, argue, and fuss, and denominate ourselves until we come beneath the Blood. And when we get beneath the Blood, I tell you, the Methodist shake hands with the Baptists, and they grab the Pentecostal around the neck and call each other brother. When they come beneath the Blood, it's a fellowship. Oh, what a wonderful time.
And no wonder people loved to come to Jerusalem, because they had everything in common. They worshipped under one supreme sacrifice, the shed blood of the lamb, the burnt offering, and everyone having fellowship.

E-37 Now, that's a wonderful thing, but yet in having that, many times the people stray away and they make an idol out of the very thing that God has ordained. Do you believe that?
Look at the serpent, the brass serpent in the wilderness. Did you know the prophet had to tear that serpent to pieces? Why? Because the people were worshipping the serpent. And they made an idol out of it. Do you believe you can do that today? You can make an idol out of your church. You can make an idol out of your pastor. You can make an idol out of an evangelist. And I'm afraid that that's what a whole lot of it's being done. They idolize the man.
I was in California speaking to the Christian Business Men. And they were... I was talking on the subject of Paul said that one thing that he feared, that is, that the people would over think of him and not of the Lord Jesus. So he didn't come to them in excellency of words, but he come to them in the power of the Holy Spirit. That he's--that he... They would not worship him or believe too much above him, upon him, but would believe in the Lord Jesus, that their faith might not be in Paul, but might be in Jesus...

E-38 And today, that's the thing today when we see people, and people are so subject in this day to jumping at little flowery thing, till it makes you kind of wonder sometimes. Don't never think above--one man above another. No, sir, no matter who he is, if he's just a little old fellow out here giving tracts out on the street, and if he's a--a Billy Graham.
No matter who he is, if he's God's servant, respect them all the same, everyone. Don't have one above another and favorites. We don't have that. Don't do that. And don't respect one person above another. Be... Let--let everybody be on the level.
And brother and sister, in Jesus' precious Name, please think of your humble brother as the lowest of those brothers. You see? Just as... I--I don't say that to be humble. I say that from my heart because I mean it. It's Jesus Christ that I'm trying to represent to you (See?), Jesus Christ the Son of God.

E-39 And now, down along through that day they had a little remnant of people who really were ordained to Eternal Life, that believed and were waiting. And we'll find out just before that great epoch (if you'd want to call it, or junction, as we spoke on the other night), the supernatural begin to take place.
And we see a man by the name, a--a--a prophet, not a prophet but a priest. He was standing in the temple of God waving the incense as he burn it. And he was a good man, and he and his wife. And Zechariah, he was a wonderful man. And he was waiting for the consolation of Israel, believing. And his wife was old and past the age of bearing.

E-40 But while he was standing there, there appeared an Angel over on his right side and said to Zechariah, "After the days of this time of your burning the incense and your duty here, you'll go home and to be with your wife, and she will conceive and bear a son." And he doubted what the Angel told him. But then God struck him dumb, or the Angel did, until the day the baby was born. And then he called his name John, 'cause the Angel told him to call his name John.
Then we find a little virgin also on her road down to the virgin's well to get some water there in Nazareth, a little mean city. And it just something was fixing to happen. Things begin to appear; signs and wonders began to take place.

E-41 And while she was packing water, this same Angel met her. Maybe a big Light shined before her like It did Paul on his road to Damascus and so forth. And in that Light stood this Angel Gabriel and said, "Hail, Mary, blessed art thou amongst the women. You found favor with God, and you're going to bring forth a child, knowing no man."
And she said, "Be it unto me as God has desired." Now, she never questioned the Angel. She believed Him.
And you know, sometimes as I said last night, and the woman that washed the feet of Jesus. How did you like my story on the woman washing the Jesus' feet? Oh, I--I love those old fashion, heart-rending stories of the Bible, don't you?

E-42 And so, you see, women sometimes will catch it and... Now, you have to watch this. Now, you--you all know that... You know my doctrine, so you might as well... So you see, I'm against women preachers, 'cause I don't think it's--it's absolutely the Bible. I don't think it can be proved.
But anyhow, women is real receptacle to the--to spirits. And then if you don't watch, watch who the medians are on the street. It's Madam So-and-so. See? You just... And then the Gospel should keep the woman lined up and in her place. See? So then, but she's more receptive to the Spirit many times than men are.

E-43 So then we come to find out that little Mary was on her road, and--and when she seen this Angel, she didn't doubt a bit. She said, "Behold, the handsmaid of the Lord. Be it unto me according to Your Word." And immediately, not waiting for any evidence, not waiting to see some kind of a sign, not waiting till she knew that she was going to be a mother, but she started right away rejoicing, and happy, and praising God, because that she was going to have this baby, not knowing any man, and yet would be a disgrace on her, but she was going to have it because God had said so, and she took God at His Word. There's the thing...
Oughtn't we to have more Marys here tonight? Oughtn't we to have more in Minneapolis, all over the world, somebody who'll take God at His Word and don't doubt nothing? Go ahead and say it's so before any evidence at all.

E-44 You say, "Brother Branham..." I don't see any wheelchairs or cots or maybe someone here that's sick. I don't know no one here hardly. But say somebody setting here that's got a visible something made their hands turned down. And you're prayed for. You say, "Well, my hand's not any better." That's--that's not faith. Faith calls those things which are not as though they were because God said so. See? It--It don't look at your crippled. We look at the unseen. We look at things we don't see at all because God's promised.
Abraham didn't look and say, "Well, Sarah, you're sixty-five years old. He told me we'd have the baby. So this month's there's nothing different, and so I guess we're not going to have it. I guess it was a mistake. God didn't speak to me. The vision wasn't right." No, no. He got stronger and stronger all the time and claimed the victory for twenty-five years until the baby come. I believe if it'd been forty-five years, he'd still been claiming it. He--he believed God. And he counted those things which were not as though they were because God said so. Now, that's good.

E-45 Now, why do--why do... You say, "Brother Branham, why do you have such faith standing there? Ain't you afraid there'd be a mistake?" No, sir.
"Aren't you afraid you'll say something wrong?" No, sir. God said so. That settles it. That's just all there is to it.
"Are you afraid now you making this, concerning this new ministry that you're entering, do you think that's going to be... You say greater?" Yes. "How do you know?" God said so. Oh, I haven't got one bit of doubt, my heart's just leaping and jumping to get to it. See? Because God said so, that settles it. That's just--that's just all there is to it. It's going to be that way. God said so, and that settles it.

E-46 And then I hear that it's in your prayer... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] Yes, sir, because God told me I was wrong doing what I did, so I--I'm sorry for that. What God says is truth. Whether it's for me or against me, it's still right because it's God. So we have to take God at His Word.
And then we find out that Mary went right along through the country telling everybody that she was going to have a baby, and went up into Judaea because the Angel of the Lord had told her that Zechariah... Elisabeth her cousin was going to have a baby being an old age. And when Elisabeth had hid herself for six months. It was six... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] Mary and--and--and Elisabeth were first cousins.

E-47 So could you imagine this little woman running up into the country, and it was in a hilly country of Judaea from down in Nazareth, run up in the woods and mountains up there and said... Oh, she seen... Her cousin had hid herself, Elisabeth, she had hid herself. And she was kind of afraid, because the baby hadn't never moved. It didn't have any life yet. And it was six months past. So that's--that's altogether subnormal.
And then she run up there to see her, and she'd hid herself, so when she peeked out the window and saw little Mary coming up through there, oh, her little face just a shining... She was about eighteen years old, just so happy.

E-48 I imagine Elisabeth said, "You know, I... Maybe Mary and Joseph really got married." But you know how she had to tell Joseph? She was engaged to him, you know. And Joseph was a carpenter, and he was building a house. And oh, he could build good houses. And so then he was building one special, because he was going to live in this with his little sweetheart Mary.
And one day little Mary walks up to the door and said, "Joseph, I guess we'll have to break our engagement, because I'm going to have a baby," and walked away.
Could you imagine Joseph's heart? How it sunk within him. He didn't know what to do. "What's happened? Oh, I can't believe that in Mary. Oh, God, You got to help me."

E-49 I can see him go in the room, his little rooms, the doors made just perfect and everything where the little bedroom was going to be, and all about it, and all fixed up. And then when he went in the room, and he just couldn't go home that night for supper. He just waited and he prayed. He said, "God, I just can't stand it. I love the girl and how does this come? I've been a true servant of Yours?"
And behold, the Angel of the Lord come into that room that night (He will do it.), saying, "Joseph, thou son of David, fear not to take unto thee Mary thy wife, for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Ghost." Yes, sir. Oh, my. Joseph was happy about it. My, he seen what was... This greater, oh, "All things work together for good to them that love God," you know.

E-50 So up in country she goes, and she's going to see Elisabeth. And when Elisabeth knows that she's--sees her coming. She sees her little face just as--just as rosy and her little cheeks red. And it wasn't cosmetics from Max Factors either, it was really Holy Ghost born. That's right. And she was just having a wonderful time rejoicing as she went up.
And I can see Elisabeth raise up the curtain, look out, say, "Oh, there comes Mary. Oh," she says, "Zechariah, I tell you, when--when she comes in, just go... can I go get her?" And just opened the door and run out, and grabbed her, and met her, and began to hug her, and kiss her.

E-51 You know, people used to love one another. They don't no more, you know. Little dry shake, you know, hold your hand out like this, you know. "How do you do?" I don't like that. I like a great big old fashion pump-handle shake, you know, like, kinda like this that you can really feel it. Don't you like that?
Here not long ago Mr. Bosworth... We was in a meeting in Miami and there was a Duchess there. Now, what it is, don't ask me. It was a great big woman back there, and--and people, thousands, trying to be prayed for. And after me coming out of the meeting now, been under the anointing and everything, and Brother Bosworth grabbed me by the arm and said, "Oh, Brother Branham, the Duchess who let us have this land..." Said, "She's standing right at the door. I want you to meet her."
I said, "What about them poor sick people out there? If there's anymore strength left, let me see them?"

E-52 And she said... He said, "Oh," but said, "the Duchess is such a wonderful woman." And three or four of the ushers, and away they went. There was a great, big lady standing there. I guess Duchesses dress that way, all the jewelry enough to pay a missionary a thousand times around the world, preach the Gospel, great big earrings hanging down, and--and she was standing there. And she had--had a pair of glasses on a stick, looking at them like this. And they'll... I--I don't mean to stay that for a joke 'cause this is no place to joke. But you know, looking through a stick like that.
And she said, "Are you Doctor Branham?"
I said, "No, ma'am." I said, "I'm Brother Branham."

E-53 And she said, "Well, Doctor Branham, I am charmed to meet you," holding her hand up like this.
I reached and got a hold of her big fat hand. I said, "Get it down here so I'll know you when I see you." See? So like that.
I don't mean to be joking. See? I'm just telling how that people try to put on. See? And then you get cold and indifferent. I like real love, genuine love, something that you can feel.
Paul Rader said one time, said, "Brother Billy, I was leaving my wife one morning." Said, "We was setting at the table. And I'd--I'd got up kind of on the wrong side of the bed, and I'd said something to her I know that hurt her feelings." And said, "I never apologized."

E-54 He said, "She said, 'Paul, will you go with me somewhere tonight?'" And he said, "I can't do it." And just went on like that. Said, "I was just in a meeting, had me all stirred and I had to go to the office." Said, "You know how a fellow gets."
Said, "I went out the door." And said, "She always met me at the door and kissed me good-bye." Said, "She was standing there. And when I--I kissed her I said, 'Good-bye.'" And said, "She said, 'Good-bye.'" And said... Walked on out to the end of the gate, and said, "When I closed the gate and looked back," said, "she always waved good-bye at me." And said, "I turned around and looked and--and I said, 'Good-bye.' And she said, 'Good-bye.'"
And said, "Went on down the street, and I begin to think about it." Said, "My, how can I stand it?" Said, "What if something happened to me today? That's my sweetheart." Said, "I--I, look, I said something I oughtn't to."

E-55 Said his heart got to swelling big, turned around and runned back in real quick, jerked the door open and looked around. He heard somebody crying. She was standing behind the door crying. And said he--he looked around, grabbed her by the shoulder, and pulled her around, kissed her as big as he could like that, walked out and shut the door, went out the gate, and said, "Good-bye." And she said, "Good-bye." He said, "Just like she did the other time, but the last time had a feeling in it."
So that's the--that's the way it is about knowing Christ. You can know Him, but is there feeling, a feeling, a real love feeling, a real fellowship? That's the way, that's the secret to the success. That's the way, is a real genuine love that's not put on. It's real and God knows it's real. And so does Satan know it's real, when you love the Lord with a real genuine love.

E-56 So I can see Mary as she, her and Elisabeth a hugging each other and saying, "Oh, oh, I'm so glad to see you."
And Elisabeth says... Mary says to Elisabeth, said, "How are you getting along?"
Said, "Just fine." And they went to talking, you know. And after while I can hear her say, "You know, I hear that you're going to have a baby."
She said, "Yes, that's right." But she said, "You know, I'm worried about it?" She said, "The--the baby's six months now as it is, and--and I'm kinda disturbed about it."
And Mary said, "The Angel of the Lord Who told me that, the great Angel Gabriel, Who met me and he told me I was going to have a baby too."
"Are you and Joseph married?"
"Well, how are you going to have the baby?"
"He said I was going to have a baby, knowing no man. And it would be the Son of God, and I should call His Name Jesus." And just the time she said "Jesus," little John come to life and begin to jump in his mother's womb.

E-57 The first time that the Name of Jesus Christ was spoke through mortal lips, a dead baby in its mother's womb come to life and jumped for joy and received the Holy Ghost. If it would do that then, what ought It to do to a borned again church, a people who really believe that they... and take that wonderful Name of Jesus and be led by it.
And then we notice that in the country... Wish we had time, but we can't. I love drama, so I just can't get into that. But let's take another fellow. There was a man named Simeon up there at the temple, a wonderful man, good man. And he was old, and one day while he was having a little prayer meeting by himself, the Holy Ghost came down and revealed to him that he wasn't going to see death until he seen the Christ.

E-58 Now, could you imagine an old man eighty years old, white whiskers hanging down, real white hair hanging around his shoulders, and saying that he wasn't going to see death until he saw Christ. Why, David looked for Him; the prophets had looked for Him. But here this man says that he isn't going to see death until he sees Christ.
Well, I imagine the folks said, "He's just a little bit crazy." See? But God's always got a remnant who'll believe Him, that's led by the Spirit, that'll be called crazy. Do you believe it? "Blessed are ye when men shall say all manner of thing against you."

E-59 And notice him. And I see him going around about, just telling the people. And some say, "Oh, he's a little bit off, the old fellow is." But one day... You know, news scattered slow then. They didn't have telephone, television, and what we have today. And probably if they'd had that on news, they'd criticize him. That'd have been just about the way they'd done it. They'd have criticized him. So they... But anyhow, message traveled slow.
And eight days after Jesus' birth, He was taken up to the temple. And he's going to offer the peasant's offering for the cleansing for the circumcision of baby, the purifying of the mother.

E-60 And while they was standing in the row out there waiting for the circumcision, someone way back in a little room, and old priest back there by the name of Simeon, setting there reading the scroll, "All we like sheep have gone astray. The Lord has laid upon Him, the iniquity of us all," and reading like that.
The Holy Spirit said, "Simeon?"
"Yes, Lord."
"Stand up."
"Yes, Lord."
"Start walking."
"Which way, Lord?"
"You do the walking. I'll do the guiding." Amen. That's the way He does it. "You do the walking. I'll do the guiding."

E-61 Here he comes walking out with his... great... Let's say it's Monday morning. And oh, there's hundreds of little babies are borned every night and they have to... There's mothers stand every day in the line for the circumcision of the child and the offering of purification.
Down along the line, out here stands a little virgin. A lot of little babies with little fine needlework and little pink dresses on, real pretty little things you know, and here stands a little fellow down there with a little virgin. Some of them say, "Hey, say, did you here the scandal? You get the gossip? There's that woman and here's that baby that's borned illegitimate. Her and Joseph is not even married yet. And there she's got that baby. Uh-huh, I told you. Uh-huh. I know it." See? That's the Devil. There it set. "And so keep your way back. Get way back from her." That's the way they do yet today. "Just stay far away from that crowd as you can," they say. See? So they get back.

E-62 And there she's stands. But, little Mary with a little veil over her face, she knew who's baby that was. And every man that's borned of the Spirit of God, he knows where he's standing. I don't care what the world says. He knows what he's cradled in his heart, or her heart, whoever it is. They know what's there.
No matter what the world says, you can call them anything you want to. You'll never shake them. That's right. For he that's borned of God does not commit sin, unbelief. See?
Now, and while they're...?... here comes Simeon out coming right down along that row, hit that row and comes right down and stops in front of that Baby, reaches over and takes It out of the mother's arms, the tears running down his cheeks and dripping off his white beard. He said, "Lord, let Your servant depart in peace according to Thy Word, for my eyes has seen Your salvation."
Oh, my. That same Holy Ghost leads tonight. Do you believe that? He's the same Holy Ghost here tonight.

E-63 I was just looking at Leo, come up the way a few minutes or Gene, set down here, these boys. Just a little story, a little story that happened not long ago. Many things happen along my life and your life that we don't tell people. And we'll start the prayer line just immediately after this little--little story.
We were setting... I call them boys. There were kinda... I call them my students. That's all right brother, ain't it Gene? All right. And so I call my students. I've met them, and talk about being mixed up, they was. They didn't know whether they were Oneness, Twoness, Threeness, Trinitarians, Jesus Only, or what they was. Then didn't know.

E-64 But the Lord has helped them and blessed them and wonderfully. And they move right down in Jeffersonville like FBI agents following my meeting, first, to see whether them things was really true, see if the visions come at home, just the same as they come here, and to see whether it was all right or not. And they rented them a little place down in Jeffersonville and watched constantly until they were--knew what was right.
And now, they're wonderful boys. Both of them here, they take--take the recordings of the messages and so forth, will be with me in the tent meetings as we go on, the Lord willing.
And now, they--they were setting on the porch this last (I believe it was about July, wasn't it, or June, somewhere, June or July)... And we were sitting out there and we were talking to them. And a young colored girl a few days before that had--had gave birth to a baby. She didn't want it, and she wrapped it up in a--a quilt, and took a cab and went out on the bridge and dropped it over in the water like that, and to get rid of the baby.

E-65 And so, we were talking about it. I said, "Just think of the--of the cruel heart of a person that could smother a baby in a blanket and drop it in the river." I said, "I don't know what God will do with such a person. I pray for her sinful soul," like that.
And then Mr. and Mrs. Wood, which are book salesmens in the meeting, they were there. And Mrs. Wood is a veterinary. And so then the next come in was Mr. Gilmore, which was the milkman, a friend of mine was standing there. And along up about ten o'clock in the day... Now, I used to work in conservation, so I--I studied animal life. And I live... And oh, that's my second nature is to be in the woods.

E-66 I'm going in to the woods in Mexico, and then up into Anchorage, Alaska. Just can't hardly wait to get into it, 'cause there's where I find God, out by myself in the woods. Be great. My mother's a pretty near half Indian. And there's just enough about it to make me love the nature and be out in the woods.
And so, I was looking, coming up the road. And I noticed coming from the Arctic Springs about a city block below me, of woods, cross the Utica Pike and coming up the road, passed four other houses, was a opossum. And the opossum was dragging its side like this, as it come along. And as it moved on up the road coming into the--the place, it passed all those houses, who did not have any fence around them and come to my place. I live in the parsonage there, which had a little rock fence around it, and a board fence this other way, and turned in the gate, and started up towards the house.

E-67 I said, "Look. There's a opossum. It's got rabies." See, it don't travel. A opossum's blind in the daytime, and they travel at night. So I said, "Looky, there's a opossum and it's--it's got rabies. Something's bothered it." I said, "Look, it's all mashed up."
So I run out in the yard, keep it from getting to the house. And Mr. Wood had been raking in the yard with a yard rake. So I picked up the rake, and Gene and Leo, and them come out with me. And I throwed the rake over the opossum. Usually they do what they say, "play opossum," just lay down. But not this one, it's... She grabbed it.

E-68 I looked all over her--her left shoulder here, and it was all either chewed by dogs, or had been run over by a car. And excuse this flat words, but fly-blows was all over it and maggots working underneath here, you know, where the fly blows had come to it, and green flies all over it. It was a horrible looking sight. And it was pulling that leg.
And I said, "Oh, she's hurt. She's probably taken rabies after this, and that's what's done it." And so she was biting at the--the rake. And just as soon as I let her up, she started again. And I threw the rake over her again. And I happened to notice. And her...

E-69 A opossum and a kangaroo is the two only animals in the world that's got a pocket that they carry young ones in. And so, her pocket had let down, and she had nine little, bitty slick babies just about like that, little bitty fellows.
And I said, "Oh, that's why she's fighting. Look at her." And I said, "Now, Gene, Leo, and you standing around," I said, "this mother opossum has really more lady about her than that colored girl that tried to drown her baby or did drowned it." And I said, "You see, that colored woman with a fine, healthy baby smothered it in a blanket and dropped it in the river because she didn't want it. She wanted to run around and carry on. And this old mother opossum's probably got around twenty minutes to a half hour more to live, and she'll spend that fighting for her babies. She's a real mother."

E-70 And all of them begin to say, "Yes, that's right." And I let her up. And when I let her up, she... Them little opossum's was gathered, and away she went as hard as she could dragging that leg, and went right up to my steps, and fell down and exhausted there, passed out. I went up. We pushed her. That right? We pushed her and tried to get her to move, and she just wouldn't. She just laid there.
Well, Mrs. Wood come up. She said, "Brother Branham..." And her pocket... 'Course when she lay down, let out; the little babies was there a nursing. And said, "Brother Branham," Mrs. Wood said, being a veterinary, she said, "now look, go kill that opossum. See? Them little opossums, just pick them up and throw them against the ground and kill them," said, "'cause the poor little things," said, "that old curdled milk and stuff, her dead," said, "they'll--they'll--it'll... She'll die, or the little fellows will die, and die an awful death." Said, "They're too little to put on a bottle. They got a round mouth anyhow. Said, "You can't do it." Said, "You just might as well kill them."
I said, "I--I just can't do it, Sister Wood."
She said, "You're a hunter, aren't you?"
I said, "Yeah, but I'm not a killer."

E-71 And--and she said--she said, "Well--well, look, Brother Branham, why don't you go in and get one of your guns and shoot them?"
I said, "I just can't do it."
She said, "Well, let Banks." That's her husband. "Let--let him kill them."
And I said, "No, I don't want him to."
Said, "You mean you're going to let that poor thing lay there in that sun, them poor little things nurse on that dead mother?"
I said, "She's not all the way dead." I'd kick her, and every once in a while you'd see a little, kind of a little move in her jaw there.
Why, said, "Look at the poor thing. She's dying. She's passed out. She'll never come to."
Well, I said, "I just can't help it. I just can't kill her."

E-72 And said, "Well, what are you going to do?" Well, I poured water on her, and everything, tried to wash the fly blows off of her. Wouldn't do any good. She just didn't come to.
So them poor little opossums just a nursing away, and I thought, "Poor little thing." Then we went on all that day, people coming, and going, and all that day and nothing... And she still laid there in the sun... All and oh, she was really covered all over with fly blows at night.
So Mr. Wood come up and said, "Now, Brother Branham, you went far enough today." Said, "You got to take a little rest now." He took his wife, and I, and my wife, and went out a riding.
And on the road down, I'll never forget it; we passed a little old dog laying on the road. And I said, "Stop. Let's get him."
And I went back, and the poor little fellow was one solid cake of mange, and fleas was done crawling all over my hand. And I said, "Poor little thing."
And Sister Wood said, "Now, I guess you're not going to kill that."
And I said, "Certainly I'm not going to kill him. I'm going to pray for him."
She said, "Brother Branham," said, "don't you know that mange and the poor... look, it's just so full of lice right now."
I said, "I'm putting him in my car." And I put him in my car.
And said, "Well, the lice will be all over us."

E-73 I said, "I'll put him in a sack." And I got him in a sack and tied him up, and put him in the car, went home, prayed for him, worked with him. Boy, he's a big fine collie now, just as a beautiful dog as you've ever seen. There's no use doing that. Don't be so brutal about things. And so the--so the next...
We come in at eleven o'clock; there was the little old opossum still laying there, still passed out. And Brother Wood said, "Now, she'll never move." Said, "She's dead now."
I said, "Maybe she is."
So then, Billy Paul had been out on fishing somewhere at the river, and he come in after midnight. And when he did, there the opossum still laying there. The next morning I got up. I couldn't rest all night, thinking about the opossum. And the next morning I got up real early about seven o'clock, went out, looked laying there, there laid the old opossum. And my little girl, very spiritual, and she come out in her little pajamas. And she said, "Daddy, what are you going to do with that opossum?"
I said, "Honey, I don't know."
Said, "Is she dead?"
I said, "I don't know."

E-74 And I looked at her, and them poor little opossum still laying there, you know. And I thought, "Isn't that pitiful?" And I thought, "I guess the best thing to do would be kill it, but I--I can't do it somehow."
And she said, "Daddy. that poor old mother," said, "is she dead?"
And I said, "I'll see." And I stomped on her a little like that, pushing her back and forth. And no, she still had life. And so, I went. I said, "I don't know, honey." I said, "You better run back to bed, because mommy isn't up yet."
So we went in, set down. I went in my den room, right where visions has...?... many. I sit down there, and I put my hands up like this, and I thought, "God, what can I do about that old opossum?" I said, "I... Today," I said, "it's laying there. I don't know what to do with it."

E-75 And just then... Now you, I don't know what you're going to think about this; that's up to you. I heard a Voice, said, "You used her yesterday for a sermon and said she was a real mother."
I said, "That's right I did." I said, "She is a real mother."
Said, "Like a lady, she's laid at your house, right at your door for twenty four hours, nearly now, waiting for her turn to be prayed for. She wants to live to raise her babies. And you've never said a word to Me about her."
I said, "Well, I didn't know she was, that she come..."
I thought, "What's the matter? Am I talking to myself?" I thought, "What's the matter with me?" And I raised up; I thought, "Wonder if that--that must have been the Holy Spirit." And I... and Becky was standing at the other door looking out, and I went out. Said, "Where you going, daddy?"
I said, "Just a minute, honey."

E-76 And I went out there where this old opossum, God in heaven knows it's the truth. I stood by the old opossum; I said, "Dear heavenly Father, if Your poor servant is so stupid till I didn't realize that, and You the loving God, that would lead an ignorant animal, because of the love of her babies and want to raise them, and would lead them here, and I neglected to pray for her. I ask You, forgive me. And I ask dear heavenly Father that in the Name of Jesus Christ that You'll let her live then."
And friends, as God in heaven knows this is the truth, that old opossum turned over and looked at me, raised up, put her babies in her pocket, looked around to me, as if to say, "Thank you, kind sir." Stuck that tail up in the air, walked right down to the gate, and turned back, just like, "good bye." and walked right on to the woods, not even a limp in her leg. That's right... went right on down...

E-77 Oh, He leads. If God can leave a--lead a dumb opossum, who hasn't even got a soul, how much more can He lead a man or woman that's borned of the Holy Spirit?
That give me encouragement, God telling me to pray for the sick people, not only that time, but many times He sent animals and so forth, send some right to me in the woods and things like that. And that's the truth. God knows that.
Here not ago, I've got hundred of letters. Mr. Boze and lot of them has published it their paper. You might've read the story. And I was in California not long ago, and there was a fellow standing up in a great big banquet of a place, standing on a little chair hollering, "This a way to the opossum story. This a way to the opossum story."
And people write to me from all over world saying, "Brother Branham, pray for me like you did that opossum."

E-78 Now, look. The opossum doesn't have a soul; it had to travel instinct. And the Holy Spirit had to lead it from the woods, up through the road, across through there, and bring it into the gate. And if instinct will lead a opossum, what ought the Holy Spirit to do to us tonight? We are led by the Spirit of God. The Lord bless you while we bow our heads.
Heavenly Father, my mind goes now to many instances of how You have dealt with Your people through many different signs and wonders. Sure, You knowed where the sparrows was. You said not one could fall, even though two of them only cost a half--fourth of a penny, but how insignificant that was. But yet You knowed the sparrow. You said even the hairs of the heads of the apostles was numbered. You knowed every animal, every... You're just all--all Life, Lord. And nothing can be done, except You know it. You're omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent. You're the... You're infinite.
O God, and our little finite mind sometimes can't comprehend what You are, but we believe You anyhow, Lord, if we can't, discern it and know it, just right.

E-79 So, Father, we pray that You'll bless tonight in a marvelous way, and let Jesus Christ, Your Son, Who raised from the dead, that You raised up, and comes among us in the form of a Light, the same Light that appeared to Paul, who said it was Jesus that he was persecuting. The Light shined so that It almost put the apostle's eyes out. He suffered for it for a long time.
And, Lord, the same Light that was with the children of Israel in the wilderness, and You've appeared three times in the world like that: once to the children of Israel, once in the New Testament, and here You are again today, infallible proof, doing the same things, that You've raised from the dead.

E-80 You're concerned about animals. And if You loved that old opossum well enough to respect her to send up there, Lord, to be prayed for, O God, how much more do You love men and women tonight, whom You died for. Oh, You never died for the animal kingdom; You died to save men and women. But to show that--that how merciful You are and how--how great You are, You do these things for examples.
Oh, You spoke through a mule one time to a prophet, who couldn't see the Angel standing in the way. How wonderful You are, Father. You had a fish to pick up a coin in his mouth and carry it up there to the bank so the apostle could get it. You're so real, Lord, O God. And a sense of humor, and so dramatic, and there's so much love to You, Father. We just love You with all of our hearts.

E-81 And we pray now that You'll let Jesus come tonight. And may this poor humble servant of Yours, Lord, unworthy, be able to yield myself to the spiritual gifts that You have given unto me, Lord, to show to the people these things. Like You said, as Moses showed the children of Israel, that going home time is at hand.
Thank You, Lord. It's going home time. When Moses performed his signs, it was going home time. And we know it's near going home time now. You're calling out Your people. And we pray, God, that You'll speak to sinners' hearts tonight and rend them. For we ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen. All right. God bless you.

E-82 Now, if the Lord shall come and anoint... Thank you my kind beloved brethren, and all of you that's cooperated to help us in the meeting, and you fine Christian Business Men. I just fly across the country and around the world to be with you. You're very fine. And God bless you. And all of you of the members and the laity here, I thank you each one. And perhaps they taken a love offering for me tonight. You usually do. That's all right. If you did, I--I put it right straight, what I don't have to eat with and to take care of my family, I put it in foreign missions. I'll give it to the best of my knowledge to the glory of God.
Thank you, Christian Business Men, for your offering the other day, got it today in the letter. Thank you very kindly. I'll be as reverent as I know how to be. And Brother Jack Moore sends his apology to all of you.

E-83 The little fellow setting here on the end, down at the end of the row there, in the--the other morning setting there in the breakfast meeting... I said, "You know, that I this morning I saw a vision. A woods coming down, and the woods had been cut out, all clearing up." And the Angel said to me, "Now, this is ten years you've been in the service. And the road that you've long for, it's just about straight ahead of you now."
Oh, my. And I said, "Where? Just then I looked, and I seen Brother Moore, and he looked at me. He said, 'Mama, here comes my mama, Brother Branham. That's the reason...'" Remember me saying over there the little fellow at the end of the road...?... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]

E-84 The woman's suffering, I see her very, very nervous. She's going just place to place. She's suffering with a--a bladder trouble also. She has a bladder condition. And I see her persistently going back and forth in a building. It's a doctor's place. And they're performing an operation. It's a cyst they're taking off of you. It looks like right back and forth, time after time, week after week, that they're having operations for little bitty growths, little cysts like that. That's THUS SAITH THE LORD.
Do you believe now, lady? Come here just a moment. Look, sister, only God can make you well. Do you believe it now, that It will speak for you?
Our heavenly Father, with reverent heart bowed, heart and head, lay hands upon the little woman that's suffering and ask for the mercies of the resurrection to come to her. And, Satan, you are defeated through Jesus Christ. We now pronounce this blessing to our sister that she will be well in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
God bless you, sister. I believe that you're going to be well now. Don't you believe that? You feel better about it now, don't you? You was healed then. Go, rejoicing, thanking the Lord.
Now, you all believe now? Does that... All right. Now, just be real reverent. Don't move around (See?), 'cause it--it interrupts the service.

E-85 Now, the lady standing here by me is a stranger to me. I don't know her, but God does know her. Are we strangers, lady, to each other? Did you... Watch the expression of the people's face when they walk in the Presence of the Holy Spirit. See? See the tears rolling down her cheeks and watch how they'll change their color. See? When they walk into His Presence...
A lady met me today from Shawano. She was in the--the service the other night and got as far as the piano. She said, "You stopped the line, but, Brother Branham, that close from the Presence of God," said, "it settled it." Said, "A growth that I had on me has already gone away from me, just dried up and went away." See? She believed.
Now, somebody else could walk up there and never do them, never bother them a bit. See?

E-86 The woman touched His garment, virtue went out. But the Roman who spit in His face, and pulled His beard, and hit Him on the head with a stick like that, and said, "Now, if You're a prophesier, tell us who hit You and we'll believe You," he didn't feel no virtue. He wasn't looking for any. Come, believing.
Now, sister, if I--if I... If you're sick, I don't know whether you are or not. And if I... If you are sick, and I could heal you and wouldn't do it, I'd be a brute. I wouldn't even be a gentlemen if I could do anything to help you, but I couldn't do it. I--I--I just can't, because I'm not a... First place, I'm not a surgeon. I couldn't perform operations. I'm not a doctor. I don't know nothing about that. And the only thing that I am is God's servant.
And by trying to bring you to Jesus Christ through a Divine gift that was given to me, well, maybe then something can happen. I trust that it will. Will you believe? You will. I believe you will too.

E-87 Now, the first thing, the lady is suffering with a tremendous nervous condition. She's just on the verge of a breakdown. She feels like that she's about lost her mind. The reason this is, is because of a burden. She's burdened about someone. She has a burden on her heart. And that person is her husband. And the man has got something like a stroke or something that's bothered him. And she's pulled around with him until it's caused her to have a breakdown. That's the truth. Is that right? If it is, raise your hand. Do you believe now with all your heart?
Look. Satan is just... Now, you feel all right now. See, you feel better because as soon as you accepted it, that feeling left you. See? It's gone now. That's right. See? You don't feel it now, do you? It's gone from you. If that's right raise up your hand, if that weary feeling left you. See? 'Cause I seen it when it left. See? But that's just a shadow. Now, it--it can't hurt you. It's the Devil. See? And he--he--he won't come to you no more if you'll believe it.

E-88 You believe that you're standing by Jesus Christ now which is a supernatural Being here that'll keep him away from you all your days of your life? You're going out here happy and rejoicing and have... and rejoice in the Lord. Do you believe that?
Then heavenly Father, I lay hands upon this little woman. And I say to Satan, "You've lied to her, and keep away from her in the Name of Jesus Christ. You're defeated, and we adjure thee by the living God to depart." Amen. Now, go rejoicing, lady, be happy, just as happy as you can be, singing hymns and praising God. You'll be all right. Amen.
Do you believe? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]
Lady, thank you. Jesus said, "If thou canst, thou... If thou canst believe..." Is that right? You can receive if you believe. Is that right?

E-89 You felt it then, didn't you, sister with the brown coat on? You're arthritis left you. That's what happened. That's right. Setting right there looking at me with her hair kinda up like that, you had arthritis, didn't you? That's right. Amen. Now, when I looked, and all at once around there something happened to you. Isn't that right? Raise up your hand if that's right. See? See? It happened. Amen.
That sound pretty good to you, sir? You believe it to be the Lord Jesus? Got something wrong with your back, haven't you? Uh-huh. That's right. That's right, isn't it, sir? You believe me to be God's prophet? You do with all your heart? Here's another thing. You're seeking the baptism of the Holy Ghost, aren't you? Isn't that right? If that's right, wave your hand back and forth like this. Then the Lord give It to you. Amen.
Lord Jesus, may Thy grace and mercy rest deeply upon our brother, and give to him that desire of his heart. His faith touched You, Lord. May he receive It in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. Don't fear, brother.

E-90 Does Jesus... Has He risen from the dead? See, the same faith that that woman had, that man had and the lady had. See? It's the same Lord Jesus. He doesn't--He doesn't fail. He's just the same. If thou canst believe, all things are possible.
Do you believe, lady, with all your heart? If God will let me know what's wrong with you, will you believe with all your heart that God will make you well? You do? All right. Look on me. I mean by that, like Peter and John passed through the gate Beautiful, you know, and said, "Look on me," or "Look on us." See? In other words or "Give me your attention just a moment." That's what I mean. That's what Jesus said to the woman.

E-91 Well, you have a growth. It can't be seen with the eye, but it's in the neck, and in the--in the cheek. And it's on your left side. Is that right? All right. Go, believe now with all your heart. And God, in the Name of Jesus, we condemn this enemy. Amen. God bless you, sister. Go, have faith; believe.
Would you stand, sister, just a moment?
How wonderful our Lord Jesus is if you can believe Him. The Bible said, "If thou canst believe, thou can have it."
You believe, lady? If the Lord Jesus will let me know what you're here for, will you accept Him as getting what you're after? You will? You have many things. One thing, you have a colon trouble. You have a gall bladder trouble. And you're nervous. That's right. And then one great thing that's a bothering you is demon oppression. You always feel depressed like the Devil's got you or something like that. You're having a spiritual battle, aren't you? Is that true? And especially you get that in afternoon, after the dinner or something like that in the afternoon. It's worse than it is in the fore morning. That's right, 'cause it makes you all upset. See?

E-92 It... What it is, it's nervousness. See? It caused it. Look like there's a enemy fighting at you. Do you believe that God sent me to cast it away from you? You do? Come here. Better bow your head.
Our heavenly Father, Satan here trying to come against Your Holy Spirit, why, the evil one, come out of her in the Name of Jesus Christ the Son of God, I adjure thee to leave her. You're exposed, Satan. You go from this woman. You're trying to make her commit suicide. And you leave her in Jesus Christ's Name.
Now, looky here. It's over now. Yeah. You know that. Is that right? Raise your hand if every worry is gone. Is that right? You feel fine, don't you? You're going to be all right; so just go rejoicing and praising the Lord. The Lord bless you.
Let's say, "Thanks be to God." [Congregation says, "Thanks be to God."--Ed.] Oh, my, how people ought to worship Him. Just give Him praise and glory. He loves to be worshipped. Now, be real reverent.

E-93 Is this the lady? Would you come, lady? Now, please be real reverent. Just a few moments longer. You're... Now, just wait just a moment. Now, everybody get real quiet, real settled. Now, it's not for a little baby, but just don't be moving around. See?
See, every spirit in here, I'm in contact with it. See? And I watch what the Holy Spirit says do, and then I do what He tells me to do. See what I mean?
Sinus is no problem for God though, is it? He can heal sinus, anything He wants to, can't He? You believe that? Then you can have it; be healed. Amen.
Do you believe, sir? You had heart trouble, didn't you? You had a heart attack, haven't you? Bothered you a whole lot. That's right. Come pretty near leaving this world, didn't you? You shouldn't leave in the condition, because you need Jesus Christ as your Saviour. Will you... That's right, isn't it? Will you now accept Him as your personal Saviour and believe Him? Raise your hand up if you'll accept Jesus Christ as your Saviour. Then your heart trouble shall leave you. It clears all up around you. You are a Christian now, a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

E-94 Praise be to the living God Who gives us all things freely. Have faith in God.
Do you believe that goiter left you, lady, as you had your hand up right behind him there? Believe that Jesus Christ will make you well? Do you believe? All right. That settles it then. It's gone. Amen. There it is, not a sign of it.
See how the Lord's a doing? Don't you believe? Amen. "If thou canst believe," the Bible said, "all things are possible."
What do you think, little lady setting there praying right back there praying right back there over your mouth? Got heart trouble, haven't you? Uh-huh. You got little blood pressure. Do you believe that Jesus Christ the Son of God will make you well, lady? Then you can have it. Amen. The Lord bless you and receive it. Hallelujah.

E-95 Oh, isn't He wonderful? Oh, I see a death spirit, real black, hanging over that second person setting in right back there; it's a lady with a cancer, setting right straight here looking at me, the little thin like lady. Do you believe that He healed you, lady? You accept your healing? You were praying then, wasn't you? I seen that black raising back and forth, back and forth. Hallelujah.
Believe Him. It's right around you now. Do you now believe? All things are possible. Have faith now. Be reverent. Believe. Don't doubt. Just have faith in God. God shall bring it to pass, just what you have need of. He will do it. Amen.

E-96 Lady with the prayer card in your hand, touch the lady. She's looking at me now, right between there. You're setting there praying for that high blood pressure. You think it's... That's right, isn't it? See? Little red hat on, had your hands down praying with your hand over your face, you accept it now? Do you believe that He healed you? All right. Then go home. Jesus Christ make you well. Amen.
Have faith in God. Believe. You believe, lady? I'm a stranger to you. Jesus Christ knows you, doesn't He? Just believe. Oh, I... If I just didn't get weak like this. You see? You--you look to me now just a moment. Oh, everybody in the audience is getting faith and it's just... People are being healed and healed, but I just can't...?...

E-97 Look here. If I be a stranger... God knows you and He knows me, doesn't He? If I will, by the grace of God and help of God, tell you what your trouble is, will you believe on Him with all your heart? You have female trouble, lady's trouble. It's cysts. You got cysts. Isn't that right? That's right. That... believe that to be the truth? It is the truth. Uh-huh. Yes, ma'am. Now, I'll tell you another thing. You're not from Minneapolis, either. You come from Wisconsin. That's right. Uh-huh. You're name is Mrs. Douglas Bohm, B-o-h-m. That's right. Isn't it? Now, go back to Wisconsin and be well.
Let's say, "Bless the Lord." [Congregation says, "Bless the Lord."--Ed.]
How do you do, sir? Now, be real reverent. Just a few minutes, we'll take me just in a minute, if you'll just be reverent. Set real still.
I can't deal with the audience when you all getting up, folks. Don't do that, please. Just hold it just a few minutes, please. See?

E-98 Turn... This... I'd like to talk to you just a moment. We being strangers to each other, I suppose? Only God knows both of us, doesn't He? And He can do for you exceedingly, abundantly. Whatever He does, that's up to Him. He's God. Is that right? And if I could help you and wouldn't do it, I'd be a hypocrite. I'd be an impostor. I'd be a brute if I wouldn't help you. Do you believe I could help you through a Divine gift?
You're suffering with a nervous condition. That's right. You got a throat trouble. That's right. You believe Him with all your heart now that He will make you well? You should, and a Bible laying before you, you talking out of it. Do you believe He's going to make well now? All right. Go back to your church then preaching the Gospel; you're a preacher anyhow.
Our heavenly Father, I pray that You'll bless our brother and give him this great thing that he's asked for through Jesus' Name. Amen. Go, believing now.

E-99 Do you believe? God can heal your stomach trouble and just make everything well. Don't you believe that? He did. Amen. You have it. Now go on your road rejoicing saying, "Praise the Lord." Amen.
Let's say "Thanks be to God."
All right, lady. Do you believe with all your heart? Oh, back trouble's been...?... you know, kidneys then, but God can make you well, can't He? Just go on your road rejoicing saying, "Thank You, Lord Jesus, for healing."
All right. Would you come? What say? Oh, you was too sick to get up and come up. Well, all right. You want to get over that female trouble? All right. All right. Then just go on. It won't bother you no more if you believe. In the Name of Jesus the Son of God, may this blessing come to our sister. Amen. Go on, sis, it's gone now. Just go on rejoicing and saying, "Praise be to God."

E-100 God heals your arthritis and everything else. You believe that, don't you? Make you completely well? All right, go down there then and say, "Thank You, Lord," and just raise up my hands, and it'll all be gone...?... Say, "Praise be to God...?... trouble and so forth, and lady's trouble...?... long time, but Jesus Christ can make you well, can't He? Do you believe that? In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, may our sister be healed. Amen. Now, go on believing and rejoicing with all your heart. You shall receive it. You believe now?
Something happened. Someone was made well just then. I don't... Our Lord Jesus Christ, He heals back trouble. He heals stomach trouble, and He heals nervousness; He heals eyes, and He can make you well of every bit of it. Do you believe that with all your heart? You believe that God gives it to you right now? You accept it? You feel kind of shaky, don't you? But it's nothing going to hurt you. It's something going to help you. Well, come here just a minute.
Our kind heavenly Father, I pray that You'll bless our sister and take these evils from her in the Name of Jesus Christ God's Son. Amen. All right believe now with all your heart.

E-101 Is this the patient? Do you believe? Look at me just a moment. Disturbance in the audience...?... I'll be glad when I get my little room to myself. They'll only hear through a microphone then.
We're strange to each other, lady. I don't know you. God does know you. But you're not standing here for yourself. You're standing here for someone else. That's true, isn't it? Perhaps what if I'd just talk to you a moment, talk to you about yourself, or whatevermore to see what the Holy Spirit would say. Would you believe? Would the audience believe?
The audience... I'm late, and it becomes restless. And the people are wondering at the time. And I feel that reacting against me. See? And it makes it awfully hard, just going down, down, down, and down with me quickly.

E-102 Now, just get this woman right before me so I can speak with her. I believe you're standing here for someone else, and that someone else is an aged woman. And that... She's in the hospital. She's got a stroke. She's your mother. And there's something another about her. I see a car mash her. She was in a car wreck, wasn't she? That's right. And I see a man now, nearby you. It's a--a man. That's your husband. He's here. He's got a back trouble, hasn't he? You believe now? Go, put that handkerchief on him. He will get well. O God, in the Name of the Lord Jesus I pray that You'll grant these blessings. Amen.

E-103 How do you do? Have faith now. Just be reverent just a moment longer. You believe, lady, with all your heart? You're standing for someone else too, aren't you? You believe me to be His servant of the Lord Jesus? The person you are standing for is very, very sick. Is... It's overshadowed with darkness. It's death on the person. And that person is suffering with a hideous thing called cancer. And that person doesn't live here. It's away from here. It's in a beautiful city, and the city is by a sea coast. There's lots of ships in the harbor. It's San Diego, California. That's right. That's right. You believe? If you can believe with all your heart, you can receive that what you're asking for.

E-104 You're asking for something yourself. It's because of a nervous condition and your eyes. That's right. Uh-huh. You're also from California. That's right. And you're... Aren't you a poet or something or write kind of poems or something like that? That's right. And you live... You got a street address called 1225 Hoover Street, National City, California. Your name is Sophia. Is that right? Damsel is your last name. That is true. Go on your road and receive that what God Almighty has...?...
Do you believe with all your heart? Jesus Christ God's Son has raised from the dead. I declare that on the authority of God's Word. Do you believe that He is here and can heal--has healed, past tense, every person that's here? Are you ready to believe that and accept it? Put your hands over on each other.

E-105 O God, our Father, Who raised up Jesus from the dead, I pray that in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, at this moment, that You'll heal every person in Divine Presence, cast out every evil spirit. And may the healing power of Jesus Christ come upon this audience just now and make every one of them well.
Satan, we take the initiative and cast you out. In Jesus Christ's Name, you are defeated. And Christ make everyone well in Jesus' Name. Stand and receive your healing.